Purposeful Power Player

Friday, October 29, 2004

The great big list of people that I think should "Eat A Dick"! *

List by http://www.ejectbush.com/dicklist.html

# (this list is long, please be patient)

# His former company (which he was former CEO and still receives a salary) wins the contract to rebuild IRAQ... without having to bid. Funny, the same company also worked with the government of Iraq while the sanctions were on and Saddam was in power.

# Master manipulator of the media. He always makes sure that your looking of here when something bad is happening over there.

# Had always intended to overthrow IRAQ since the first Gulf War. Way before Al Quada even existed

# Still supported Hussein after his gassing of the Kurds. Only when it became politically benificial did that change.

# Yup! he's full of crap.

# Patriot Act
# Bible Thumping
# Gun Nut

Jeb Bush
# Stole the election

Katherine Harris
# Helped prevent innocent citizens from voting

Trent Lott
# Good ol' boy RACIST

Pat Roberston
# A good Christian praying for the death of 3 supreme court judges
# Blamed 9-11 on gays
# But 9-11 wasn't finianced by his Liberian gold company that indirectly gave money to Al Quada

Bill O'Rielly
# Can seem to keep his own lies and spin correct

Rush Limbaugh
# Yup, he's a big fat liar

Ann Coulter
# Forked tounged idiot.

Sean Hannity
# Fox News #1 A-Hole

Glenn Beck
# (working on it)

Ken Lay
# Screwed thousands from their retirement

Charleton Heston
# Insesitive-gun-totting A-HOLE

Dennis Miller
# Sold out to the Dark Side faster than Anakin Skywalker in the upcoming Star Wars

# (working on it)

Project For a New American Century
# Pax Americana (written in '98) called for the ouster of Saddam, controlling of the world's resources, and suppressing anyone that attempts to rival the United States. Funny all of this before 9-11 ever happened and some of its members include Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and Paul Wolfowitz.

*original "Eat A Dick" list by Alan Bates (thank you)