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Saturday, October 30, 2004

My Ideal Partner

Personal Characteristics
Highly emotionally intelligent
Has a positive self-concept
Believes in doing the "right" thing and behaving with integrity
Flexible enough to handle changed or dropped plans
Somewhat concerned with being neat and organized
Has a tendency to stick to a daily routine but is flexible
Handles stress with ease
Strikes a balance between being dominant and encouraging equal input

Attitudes and Beliefs
Somewhat spontaneous and fairly open to new experiences
Flexible and open character
Political and social views are midway between conservative and liberal
Has modern perspective on gender roles
Thinks that money is of some importance in life
Spends wisely

Communication and Conflict
Able to communicate effectively
Skilled at dealing with conflict

Social Life
Has characteristics of both an introvert and an extrovert
Possesses good social skills
Places moderate importance on relationships with family and friends

Relationship Skills and Attitudes
Tolerant and patient; is willing to divulge quite a bit about his/her daily life
Moderate need for emotional intimacy
Somewhat tolerant individual
Moderately self-sacrificing
Open to commitment
Moderately adventurous sexual attitudes and behavior
Faithful when in a relationship
Willing to discuss his/her feelings
Has independent and dependent traits when in a relationship
Moderate need for control
Emotionally steady; tolerant of occasional mood swings
Has good control of anger

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