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Saturday, October 02, 2004

Sean Hannity * Politics

I am watching a repeat of Hannity & Colmes. I swore that I wouldn't watch this show anymore.

Sean Hannity is RUDE, OBNOXIOUS, and CRASS.

Much worse than Bill O'Reilly...matter of fact...he's calmed down a bit!

But he's still a GOP cronie!

Anywho...I feel so bad for Alan because he chooses to be respectful, while Mr. Hannity cuts the guests off and gets totally beligerent. UGH! Sean Hannity is an ass. I mean talk about SPIN. Sean just wants to keep living off of those good tax breaks. I told myself I wasn't going to watch FoxNews anymore...da hell happened?

Republicans talk about this flip flop madness....but really EVERYONE changes their mind. Republicans think because a person changes their mind they are flip flopping! Wrong you bitches...it's called making an informed decision. I mean hey...Bush went into Iraq thinking there were WMD's...but instead of just admiting he was WRONG....and just now try to get our boys outta there...he rather stay the freakin course and get more people killed because he just doesn't know how to say...this is all wrong...because he doesn't want to be deemed a flip flopper!

Damn, I was rambling! The basic thought is this...
Sean Hannity!