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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Have not written in a while...

I was sick with Bronchitis.

Really didn't feel like sitting at the computer.

Still really not in the mood to write or think.

However, I'm going to give it a try....

  1. I told my closest male friend, I didn't want to be his friend any more. I was really beginning to feel his friendship to me wasn't the healthiest for my mental and emotional being. I had to remember that people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Even thought I previously thought it would be a lifetime, through experiences I've learned he was definitely a REASON and it lasted for a many seasons, but the experience I will carry for a lifetime.
  2. I no longer feel passionate about my message board. I think it's because my closest male friend was very much involved and now that I've given him the boot from my life, I booted the passion out as well. But you know what...SHIT HAPPENS...and we move on...this is life and it is meant to be lived!!!!!
  3. I am not in the mood for Christmas. I can't believe it's that time of year once again. Yes, I am blessed to see another Christmas, hopefully.
  4. Where does the time go? Did I make useful time of 2004? I think I did. I obtained a new job with a promotion. I finished my second master degree. I moved back into my townhouse. I joined a bowling league over the summer and decided to bowl in a winter league. (That is a HUGE accomplishment for me...bowling is.....I've always wanted to join a league, but I was too shy about it because my bowling wasn't too hot. But I've gotten MUCH better with my game...and I'm damn happy with myself about it!) I am learning how to sew. I've met some cool people all throughout the year.
  5. My daughter's aunt is in the hospital. She is on life support. She is only 34. I will be 34 in January. That in itself put a lot of things into perspective. Usally death will do that, but I feel strange because I sometimes get depressed over things that I truly shouldn't because I have so much. And although, I want more, I am o so grateful for EVERYTHING I have and what I have accomplished.
  6. Still would like to be in a loving relationship with the man made for me sent by God. But I know that the reason he isn't here yet is my life is not ready to accept him, NO MATTER how much I think it is.

I think I made a good effort to write and think this evening.


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