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Sunday, May 22, 2005

I need some advice...

How do I get my two year old to now sleep in her own bed?

arrrrgggg.....I am tired of her little foot in my side or in my face...she won't sleep in the right direction....so this is the sign that she must sleep in her own bed.....

I know I may have been wrong for allowing her to sleep with me ALL her life, but I had this obession with crib death and when she was in the bed with me....I checked her breathing constantly....that's when she was an infant, but now that she'll be three soon....



  1. I'd tell you, but my lil sister slept with my parents until she was about seven. You might be in for a long wait! Luv the blog!

  2. Angel - Thanks...I think I slept in the bed with my mother for about that long too!!!! Maybe it's my destiny....

    Fire Angel - I can take it...I just want to hear the noise of her crying....you know the constant whine and such. lol :-)

    Thanks you all!!!!