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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Me and my trinkets....

that's what my life has been reduced too.

I only say that because I rushed home to get my package from the UPS man....it was the MAC stuff I ordered online. It came in a nice size black box. And all my stuff was nestled deep at the bottom under all this matching black paper.....I finally got a new make up bag...so I can give my oldest hers back....and I replaced some things I already had like my Studio Fix...but also got some of their cleasening gel I've heard such raves about. I am also going to try this blue eye pencil. I only wear foundation (Studio Fix), eye pencil and lipglass with lined lips....that's not a lot of make up. I don't like to see people who try to put on eye shadow and have NO CLUE as to what they are doing....I mean they don't even try to blend!

So now I'm just laying across my bed, thinking to myself...what's next....I've put all my new make up trinkets in my new bag....and now I'm sitting here like....what should I write next in my blog.

It's pretty outside....I should go take a walk in the neighborhood.....I should, but I probably won't. I'm just lame like that right about now, I guess...

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