Purposeful Power Player

Saturday, May 28, 2005

So I'm sitting here listening to Whitney Houston...

It's such a shame what she allowed herself to become.... I mean she had such a gift, plus the right songs that Clive Davis got for her.... She was truly someone who could have stayed up on top of the music game.....

Now I'm not saying it was Bobby's fault....but damn I think people wanna put it on him because he was/is the "Bad Boy"...... but you know.... I gotta put the blame on Whitney....cuz she didn't have to do it.... I mean if she thought that's what it would have taken to keep Bobby.... cuz that jive turkey with his failing music career wasn't going anywhere no matter what.....

But I don't know if she was/is in love or just plain ole fashioned dick whipped..... who knows...whatever it was....it messed up her musical career.......


  1. It is a sad situation. From songbird to crackhead. What a rough road! Who would have ever known that "Her Greatest Love of All" would be dope? I miss the real Whitney...The sober Whitney.

  2. First of all, I can't believe you are up again!! You need a serious cup of "Sleepy time-tea" :)
    And then, your post reminded me of something I was going to post about, but then I forgot (age will do it to ya)...anyway.. Whitney and Bobby are going to come out with a reality show!
    Whitney plans on "reviving" her career and they have a show lined up...lmao...I don't know if I want to see that! Then again...yeah I do :)
    Even though I hate to see the Sista making an even bigger fool out of herself :(

  3. I wonder if she's looking for those crack receipts, because "crack is wack"..... LOL

  4. What she needs to do is look for what's left of her Brain and leave that no good idiot-boy she with...she must be Dick-whipped!
    And what is really up with her Drug of choice?? You're a Multi-Millionaire and you gonna smoke Crack??
    Out of all the things she got the money to get addicted to...lol