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Monday, May 30, 2005

Text Messages/SMS

Do you find text messages to be impersonal? Or do you think SMSs are cute?

I mean I'll admit....when I driving down the street and my phone alerts me that I have a text message and it's my boo, saying "I LOVE YOU" or "I MISS YOU".... it's cute...but I've heard of people actually BREAKING UP by text message. I dare him to text message me and say..."IT'S OVER"..... he'd just might get a text message back that would say LMAO -

Now see that I don't get. I'll admit tho...I do think text messages are SNEAKY. Why are you text messaging me....why can't you use the phone to say those things? Technology isn't bringing people closer....it's making us less communicative....I mean if I was scared to say I love you...then I could send it via text...still get my message across, but not feel the "rejection" of him perhaps not saying it back....

We have lessened our standards of what is acceptable.... for the sake of technology....somethings do require traditional ole fashion courtsey.....

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