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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

59 Bloggers Movie - Cancelled...because...

the producer John Hart is battling with some guy by the name of Chuck Olsen over the word "blogumentary".

So it seems...this Chuck Olsen guy is all pissed off because he heard about the 59Bloggers Movie and apparently he did a DVD like 3 years ago...and is all mad because he THOUGHT....not actually knowing...yes he thought that John Hart the producer of this movie was going to use the word blogumentary.

So back and forth...back and forth....and then we go...back and forth.......oh wait a minute....back and forth...............

You can go to the 59bloggers website to check out John Hart's response to this e-beef over a word that NO ONE really owns or really cares about....I mean really it's just dumb....and you've got to check out the email that this Nathan Peters wrote........

I was really looking forward to this project.... But it's done now....so it's time to keep it moving.....


  1. I didn't think you could really make an interesting movie about blogging anyway. Sounded more like a scam to me.

  2. Actually, "Blogumentary" began in 2002 and was only recently finished. It premiered in November and is trying to find it's legs. I've poured my heart and soul into this documentary, so yes - many people care about the word, because it's the title of my film. Can you understand why I'd politely request Mr. Hart not refer to his film as "Blogumentary" more often than the actual title of his film?

    Instead of talking to me, he's only insulted me and threatened me with lawsuits. It's all very unfortuntate.

    For the full context, please read my post about this situation:

  3. Chuck,

    Thanks for posting your side of the story...

  4. Fire Angel...girl, I far from being upset....shit happens...that's life....you know.... I'm still a very happy camper!!!! lmao!!!