Purposeful Power Player

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

For some reason I am now

only because I had a bad thought about my two and 1/2 year old going on this field trip with her class to the park. Any other day, I wouldn't trip...I'd be like okay honey have a nice time....but for some reason, I just had this funny feeling something would happen and I'd never see her again.....

So now I am little worried about whether or not I should allow her to go on this trip...and it's 4:24am....the trip is today.....and so now I can't sleep......I mean she's such a tiny little thing....I mean I could like drive her to the park....but I have a meeting this morning at 10am. I am so ready to say to hell with that meeting and drive my baby to park or not take her at all.....just for her own safety.


  1. Yes, thank you Deb. I have decided to follow my gut. And I was able to make a few phone calls at the crack of dawn and I'll be escorting my baby on her trip. I feel so much better about that. :-)

  2. Don't you trust the people who look after her? I understand your concern though but sooner or later you'll have to let her go on her "own"!

  3. Oh I trust them...but for some reason....today I just had a bad feeling...ya know?

  4. I don't blame you. Two and a half is VERY small to send on a "field trip". It's different when you have one-on-one childcare, but a group situation is very different. I think it's too easy for a child to slip away unnoticed.

    Good for you, following your instincts. It's damned hard being a working parent... (I'm a working single parent and people have no idea how difficult it is if they haven't been there.)