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Thursday, June 23, 2005

I'm blessed....

  1. Maybe I'm excited about my trip.
  2. Maybe I'm miffeed about the credit card fraud.
  3. Maybe I'm happy that I was found qualifed for a position I applied for which will be a promotion.

So let's work through this.

My trip to Columbus, Ohio.

I'm leaving tomorrow to drive to Columbus, Ohio to visit some friends there. I haven't been on an adult road trip in a while and I'm excited about the drive, visiting, the fun...you know the usual. The first three days of this week seemed to have craweled by like a turtle...and now I feel time speeding up...and before I know it...it will all be OVER. So I guess I'm excited and sad all in one instance. Dumb isn't it?

I was a victim of that Credit Card Fraud mess recently.....

I found out this evening (Wednesday 6/22) when I went to the gas station that my bank card was declined....but not because there wasn't any money in the account of course, but because my credit card number was among those that VISA determined was compromised due to some fraudulent activity. It was a nightmare because I had to get my bank to reactivate my card so I can get some gas and get money out of the ATM for my trip Columbus.

They (the bank) closed out that card and sent me a new one, but NEVER notified me that VISA had some compromises with their systems. So I was walking around with a card that was useless and I didn't even know it was useless until I went to use it....and I was declined at the damn gas station!!!! How embarrassing....really. And then when I went to the bank....I couldn't get any money out....the card was to be reactived for 1 hour only...while I completed my transaction. Went to the ATM...and the card didn't work....WTF? Had to call the bank again....and had them on the phone while completed my transaction...and then had her close the card out....just as soon as I got my cash!

I had just called my bank Saturday morning and ask them if they were involved in this madness with the credit card fraud. See this post ----> A Good Saturday

So basically, I was able to get gas and get some money out of the bank....but my new card doesn't come until next week....just as soon they activated it and I did what I had to do...I had them deactivate it...matter of fact I had them on the phone while I completed my transactions.

New Job

I work for the Federal government...and if you know anything about the fed gov't...positions are based on "grades"...so I applied for a new job at another agency at the next grade level.....

However, OPM has recently set out for agencies to hire people within 45 days....so I applied for this job way back in May...and I hadn't heard anything...so I thought I was knocked out of the competition.... Well.....

I decided to check my mailbox this evening, thinking maybe the card was in there early...of course it wasn't, but anyway...I got a letter from that job I applied for....and whatta ya know....they said the following:

We have received your application for consideration for employment with the Program Support Center (PSC) for the position indicated - PSC-2005-0027. The following summarizes the status of your application in this recruitment process: YOU WERE DETERMINED QUALIFIED FOR THE POSITION AND REFERRED TO THE SELECTING OFFICAL FOR CONSIDERATION!!!!!! SMILE SMILE SMILE!!!!

If I get this position...it would be nice $14,000 jump in salary.

I must admit I've done quite well in the federal government....I've only stayed one grade for the mandatory 52 weeks before moving to the next grade...and I've been in the gov't since 2000.

So after all that bullshit with the credit card stuff....there was some good news this evening!!!!!

Nevertheless, I'm off today....things that I had planned, I can't do...because I only took a certain amount of cash out of the bank....so needless to say....I'm somewhat limited....it's cool tho...I'm happy bank was looking out for my best financial interest.....and the trip will be fun...no matter what...and I've claimed that job to be mine......

Life is good no matter what is happening.....

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