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Friday, June 03, 2005

Is it a hinderance?

African Americans in last 20 years have been doing some interesting things to their children's names. However, do these names hinder the child in later years when entering the workforce?

See Yahoo article from USAToday ----> A name doesn't have to be a burden

My daughters names are SeDona and Siyah....and I named them this because I realized that eventually they would grow up, but more importantly, I wanted them to have a name that yes was still unique, as well as, something they could be proud of.

I don't think EVERYONE really takes the time to think into the future regarding their child's name. I mean Gwyneth Paltrow named her child APPLE. Toni Braxton - Denim & Diezel, so let me run down the list....

Michael Jackson's sons are Prince Michael I and Prince Michael II (nicknamed Blanket). In keeping with the royal family theme, Jermaine Jackson has a child named Jermajesty.

Jason Lee of "Chasing Amy" fame and his fiance, Beth Riesgraf, named their son Pilot Inspektor.

Frank Zappa named his children Moon Unit, Dweezil, Ahmet Rodan and Diva.

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's daughters are Rumer Glenn, Scout Larue and Tallulah Belle.

Rob Morrow's daughter, Tu. (Get it, Tu Morrow?)

Sylvester Stallone's five children share his monogram. He has Sage and Seargeoh with his first wife, and Sophia, Sistine and Scarlet with current wife Jennifer Flavin.

George Foreman, who named his sons George Jr., George III, George IV, George V, and George VI., and one of his four daughters Georgetta.

Erykah Badu and Andre Benjamin (a.k.a. Andre 3000) named their kid Seven Sirius.

Food Network chef Jamie Oliver's kids -- Poppy Honey and Daisy Boo.

Ving Rhames' kids are Reignbeau and Freedom. Tea Leoni and David Duchovny named their baby Kyd - easy to remember, as in "Hey, Kyd!". John Cougar Mellencamp's son is Speck Wildhorse.

And so...what if NONE of these kids want to be a celebrity...and rather go get a "real" job....what then?

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  1. Jermajesty? Oh, my. I hadn't heard that one!