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Friday, June 17, 2005

It's Friday Again!!!!


I don't have anything planned this weekend. I know it's Father's Day weekend. I'll go see my Grandfather....Otherwise, I'm just waiting for next weekend. I'm going out of town....and I can't wait. And yes I know it will come and go so quickly, but I'll try to savor every minute I'm with him. He he....

But for right now...it's June 17th and I'm at work listening to my mp3 player...ready to go to sleep.

I just read they arrested another suspect in the Natalee Holloway case. I wonder what this development is all about....something about an unnamed suspect who is 26...maybe van der Sloot left ole girl with this fellow.....this is really bizarre....

I'm so sick of hearing about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes...I'm wondering how much of that madness is really true? It's just crazy....I bet they were seeing one another quite a while before they made it public. I mean I realize that people who are in love want to shout it to the roof tops, but DAMN!!!! He's shouted...now shut the hell up! I hope they try to have a peaceful and quiet wedding.....PLEASE for the love everything good and natural.

4 more hours and I can blow this camp!!!!!!

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