Purposeful Power Player

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

My youngest daughter Siyah....

is amazing...for her age. She's two (2) and will be three (3) around the end of July....

But already she knows the following....

  • Can pick out her own clothes to wear for the day...and they match. Today she has chosen her jeans, purple shirt....tee shirt, Dora undies, white socks and her Dora tennis.
  • Can dress herself without my help. On ocassion she will put her shirt on backwards, but for the most part she knows the characters or designs go in the front. She can even put her socks on right...with the line going across her toes.
  • She can zipper her own jacket and open and close her Dora umbrella.
  • She washes her own face and brushes her own teeth.
  • She can say her alphabets and she can letter recognize at least 15 of the 26 letters.
  • She can say her numbers 1 -10, some of the 11 -20 and can recognize numbers 1-5.
  • She knows her colors to a degree.

This little girl is amazing.....I think she is going to be an actress, because she can memorize a line. She's always repeating what someone has said after they've only said it once or twice to her. She is also very attentive. She uses her active listening skills and is able to interact quite nicely......

I see big things in her future.


  1. Smart girl indeed!

    Miss Qt

  2. Thanks! I'm really excited about her elevated progress....