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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Probably one of the most important questions in life...

Why are American women preoccupied with their weight?


  1. Because it distracts them from whats really bothering them... (what's in their mind and heart)

    My daughter (11) is fluent in french. She traveled to France in March. Her friend came here in April. We're in love with so much of that culture.

    Even the young girls have confidences in themselve as PEOPLE, as young women, and they learn to love their bodies.

    They enjoy food, for the sensational pleasures of taste it provides. They enjoy their meals, they take long lunches..they fellowship with their friends & family...and they indulge.

    I always heard, "oh dis is good. Dis is very good. "Yes, Yes, delicious" Never once did I hear, "oh my gosh, how could I have eaten that? Look at my butt, ugh, I need to stop"

    They don't deprive themselves. They they are usually fit. That I find interesting..

    The girls mom said that we are obessed with weight here, with food, we have a love/hate relationship with it. There, they enjoy life, and take pleasure in the senses. They like slow food,(we shovel fast food, food that isn't even alive) and don't obsess about how bad it is to eat this or that.

    I think so many American women especially have love/hate relationships with themselves, and it translates into the physical are of their being.

  2. It's so interesting you happened to mention that. I just saw a show on Oprah, were she highlighted a book titled "French women don't get fat" and it had to do with EXACTLY what you're speaking of. I was thinking of purchasing the book, because they had this one lady on the show, were she lost 22 pounds over a 3 month period.

    I'd like to lose about 40 pounds.