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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Welcome to Pod101

Welcome to Pod101

So...what's all this talk about PODCASTING?

Well, at first, I'll admit....it just seemed so confusing...and I don't have an iPod...I own a Creative Zen Micro....which is a mp3 player that's just as good.....

So I was thinking I could only use an iPod to produce a Podcast, but apparently not.

What you need are the following:

- recording software
- a microphone
- a server to upload to
- a FTP client to upload the file
- a good topic
- a passion to get to your thoughts to the masses.

All that fine, but I have my own internet radio station, that I could upload my file to and broadcast my "good" topic out to the listeners I already have.

However...of course there is always a "but" or a "however"...the beauty of the Podcast is that listeners can download and listen to the information whenever they want. With my IRS, I'd have to schedule the talking point and listeners will have to be available to hear the information when I scheduled it.

Technology is really something. But it grows so fast, it's hard to keep up with it and be able to fully take advantage of it.......

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