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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Bad Week for Blogging

This last week hasn't been a very good week for blogging with me. I've been preoccupied....and today I decided to post something because I don't like see the SAME topic sit at the top for a long period of time.

It's the 4th of July weekend, and I was late in planning something eventful for this weekend. I was going to take the girls to the beach, but the room rates were CRAZY. At the Hilton it was $250 for an oceanview room in Virginia Beach, VA.

So now Imma take the girls over to IHOP and then I need slide over to TMobile. I've been thinking about getting a SideKickII...for what I don't know. It's probably a waste of money. I have a cell phone with Cingular, but I like the fact that I do my emails, text messaging and browse the net from the SideKickII for when I'm on the road.

Otherwise, I have NO OTHER PLANS! I guess I could take the kids over to Sandy Point Beach....but I really need to clean my house. I have a pool in my complex...I could take them over there....I guess I'll figure it all out....soon I hope...theres the movies, the mall, out to eat...the regular....damn I wish it was LAST weekend....I'd be chillin with my boo.....

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