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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I am back to blogging...

I've been really bad with keeping up with my blogs. I've just been so busy or I haven't had anything with anything good to say in a while.

I've been having a good time the last couple of weeks, but a lot has changed since I last wrote.

I had a best friend...or someone I thought was my best friend...and he betrayed me.

I really thought things would be different on this last go around. We were really connected. Or did he just do that to make it appear we were connected? It's hard to believe that everything was a lie. That's how I feel....like I had been lied to for four years. I couldn't even be mad at him...I could only be mad at myself for allowing myself to be swallowed up by his words. I guess the best way to put it is...I feel like I was scamed. I guess I thought I meant more to him than how he decided to end our friendship. But apparently not.

I guess I feel like I deserved more. More from myself. More from him. More from life.

And it's not like I hate him, because I don't. I just don't like the things he has done. I think he is weak minded and only has the ability to think about himself. Because if he really truly cared for anyone other than himself, then he would approach things in life concerning other people differently.

He's a relationship con artist.

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  1. mabe ya need to talk it over. Do you really wanna throw 4yrs away. Long distance relationships are very hard to keep up with