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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Why are they so hard? Relationships....

Look at Brad and Angelina....they knew they wanted to be together no matter what their present situation was at that moment in time and they just did the damn thing.

Why do us regular folks make it so hard on ourselves to just take the risk to be in love and have a good relationship with another human being? And you would think people like Brad and Angelina have so much more to lose than us regular folks, but in reality they don't....it just appears to be that way because it's on a larger scale.

But we lie to one another to get sex. We lie to one another to get money. We lie...we use...we abuse...we cheat...we steal...we do all kinds of things to the people that we say we love....but isn't that a lie too? When people say they love you, when they really don't....they just LOVE what you have or they LOVE what they think you can give them.... I mean it's just all so damn cheap if you ask me.

This is why in our society we have such distrust between men and women. Men think women are golddiggers and cheap. Women think men only want sex and money. Which of course makes getting into an honest, loving and respectful relationship so much harder. Imean each person has to peel away layers of past hurt and bull crap, just so the other person can really see them for who they are.

Dating is a trip and trying to get into a good relationship is even harder.....

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