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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I did it...

I finally told (C) that we need to end it....

Good Morning (C)...

I called you yesterday and left you a
message. Not sure if you received it. I also left you a text
message. We need to talk. You said something Friday that really got to me
and I have chosen not to accept that responsibility. At the bowling alley
I asked you what was wrong, why weren't you bowling good and you stated that
was because you were missing me and that you hadn't spoken to

In my mind, we were just dating...getting to know one
another. But that comment made me feel trapped like we were in a
relationship and what I do affects you. I have decided that is not what I
want. I have only been out of a long term relationship of four years for
about four months. I am not ready to be in another relationship so soon.
That would do you an injustice and place you in the role of being the
rebound man if I proceed any further. I want to date and be treated right,
but I don't want to hold any obligations any one person at the

I had to just write it in an email because it was like he was avoiding speaking to me....like he knew the hammer was about to hit the nail.

Unlike some other people...I didn't lead him on....my actions were straight and my words were to the point...

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