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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Simplistically Complicated

Yes, that would be me. One moment I'm simplistic...another moment I am complicated. lol hmmm that is me all the way!

Today I received an enlightening phone call from my ex...I love it when he makes me laugh. It's those moments I care about him the most.

What? What did I just say? When I care about him the most.... Huh? WTF?

{enter sound effect} SLAP! WAKE THE FAWK UP CHICK!

Reality hits. We are not together. grrrr.

Oh that's right I have a BF. LMAO :-) The one I don't call. The one I haven't spoken to since LAST Friday...no wait Saturday afternoon. Hey wait a minute...something's missing here....hell, he hasn't called me either. LMAOOOOOO Do I care? Naaaaaahhhh....I guess I'll call him tonight...then again I probably won't. I care about my BF. I do. I wish no harm to him. I don't pressure him. He doesn't pressure me.

But with my ex...I NEVER would have allowed him to get away without calling me at least every other day. I'd be miffed if my ex didn't call me.

I just want some real talk from him. I just want him to say what he's never been able to say to me all these years...the truth. Real talk. Not that everyday bullshit, but the "I want to open my soul" to you kinda words. I just want him to give me credit for the patience and understanding I've exercised over the last 6 1/2 years.

It doesn't mean we'd get back together, it just means I want to hear his soul.

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