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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Bowl time...

Okay, I'm watching the Super Bowl...and you know what I could give a rat's big fat ass who wins. I'm an Eagles fan baby...but because I'm about support, I will chose a side. Steelers. ONLY because they are in the state of PA like my Eagles. Nothing more. I'm traditionally a NFC conference kinda girl, but at the moment, I'm so seriously hating the Cardinals for taking my Eagles out. That game was fixed. They just wanted a Cinderella team...but the better marketing and money maker would have been the Steelers vs. Eagles. PA East vs. PA West.

Steelers just got a touch down...but I will say this...the head coach for the Steelers looks JUST like Omar Epps...I swear they are related lol! So the Steelers are first on the board.

Angels and Demons trailer. I loved that book...much better than The Davinci Code.

Transporter commercial - Loved that movie...

Seriously, my phone has not rung once today. I feel forgotten about. Stupid men.

Well.....it would seem the Steelers DID NOT get the touchdown....wow....so now they have to kick the field goal.

Omar Epps is looking internally pissed.... lol

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