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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Things not going that well....

So I laid back down and I went back to sleep and now it's 1:27pm...and I'm JUST getting back up! I did it again. I can't seem to make it happen early enough. Why? lol

So now I'm hungry. I could really use some wings n things....chips n dip...cookies n milk for the Super Bowl this evening...but who in their RIGHT mind wants to tackle the grocery store at this moment in time. I know everyone and their momma, Aunt, Uncle, cousin and play cousin are at the store right now. I should have racked up on this stuff when I went to the store last night after bowling....but I wasn't thinking....DUH! Hell, I don't need to eat that stuff anyway....but LOVES ME some chips in dip...actually I'm quite addicted to it. :-)

No rings on the phone. No text messages. Only one email, from Facebook telling me that someone I don't know as commented on a picture of someone I do know. I hate that. I wish FB wouldn't do that. I don't want to see all the comments that others make. I'm in a really pissy mood. Perhaps it's best that I'm not getting any outside communication from people I do no know. At least on Twitter I can interact when I feel like it.

I'm beginning to wonder if Twitter robs your time and part of your soul.....

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  1. wow i love your stream of consciousness posts. very effective. your blog is the newest addition to my blogroll. and by the way, i hate those facebook comments notifying you about someone else's comment too.