Purposeful Power Player

Saturday, October 02, 2004

2HR Nap A Bust * Tha Kids

I tried to go sleep around 12:30pm. And before 20 minutes went by...I wasn't even in a deep deep sleep yet, my youngest is telling my her older sister hit her. It isn't true. It's just a phase she's in. My youngest is two years old and she how now found this phrase..."She hit me", even when nothing has occurred.

So from 12:30pm to about 2:30pm...it was just out of control!!!! The yelling and the screaming and...the room not be cleaned like I asked!

I asked my oldest daughter (7) to clean her room early this morning. So basically, she has not done that. I really can't understand why she can't clean her room. She doesn't have ANY toys in it. (All of the kids toys are in the basement), so it's just a matter of making sure that all dirty clothes are in her hamper and transported to the laundry room (for me to wash on Sunday), make up her bed and make sure clean clothes are in her drawers or closet. That should take no more than 30 minutes. But with her...it reaches the

She just out there all by herself and she doesn't get it. And of course I get quite angry because it's her taking HOURS

The youngest is now sleep and she still couldn't get it done...I told her at 2:45pm to have the room clean by 3:15pm or she was going to get a spanking or a punishment. It's now 3:18pm and the room STILL IS NOT CLEAN!

I told her over and over again...I need for her room to be clean because she and her sister need to take a bath and get dress...I have to bowl at 6:15pm. I bowl on a league.

Needless to say, I am hot pissed right about now! She'll take a spanking over the punishment. Because she knows I will take something she REALLY likes....like one day of dance class. She goes to dance three times a week and she really truly likes it...but she knows I am about business when it comes to doing what I say.....and she hasn't done it....she's on the chopping block and she's only 7.....