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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Are you over your ex?

Are you too close to your last relationship? Wondering if you're over your ex? Take this quick quiz to find out if your past relationships have been left behind for good.

1. How are you handling your last break-up?
• Still have a shrine to your ex in your bedroom. (Score = 1)
• Finally stopped writing that letter every week telling him/her you've changed. (Score = 2)
• Still get a pang at the sound of your ex's name. (Score = 3)
• Hold fond memories of your time together, but are ready to start something new. (Score = 4)
• Are in danger of having a restraining order issued against you. (Score = -1)

2. When it comes to love, you are:
• Hopeless — "I'll never find anyone as good as my ex." (Score = 1)
• Resigned — "It never works out. Just look at my track record." (Score = 2)
• Cautiously optimistic — "I suppose it could happen." (Score = 3)
• Positive — "Eventually we're going to find each other." (Score = 4)
• Bitter — "What else could I be after my last relationship?" (Score = -1)

3. When you meet someone new, you:
• Brush them off because they have the same name as your ex. (Score = 1)
• Reject them for having similar interests or physical attributes to your ex. (Score = 2)
• Wonder if you're ready to date again. (Score = 3)
• Stay philosophical — meeting someone is pretty harmless whether you're ready to date or not. (Score = 4)
• Wish they were your ex. (Score = -1)

4. Your New Year's resolution was to:
• Find someone just like your ex. (Score = 1)
• Get rid of the memorabilia from your past relationships. (Score = 2)
• Attempt to finally leave the past in the past. (Score = 3)
• Find someone you can really build a relationship with. (Score = 4)
• Camp out in front of your ex's house until s/he takes you back. (Score = -1)

5. Based on your last relationship, what movie best describes your feeling about love:
• "Bridge On the River Kwai" — Love, like war, is hell.(Score = 1)
• "Fight Club" — It was a battle royale. (Score = 2)
• "Freaky Friday" — It was a little weird. (Score = 3)
• "You've Got Mail" — If I date enough, I'm bound to find the right person. (Score = 4)
• "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" — Love is scary and bloody. (Score = -1)

Less than 0: The only thing you're over is the top. It might be time to seek professional help to get you past your past.

0-5: Ooph. You're still smarting from your last relationship. Until you leave it behind, you won't be in a position to find a better match.

6-10: The past is living in your present. Why not shed the baggage you brought with you and find a new suitcase to fill?

11-15: You're almost over your last break-up. Take a deep breath, toss out the last of the photos and search for a new sweetie here.

16-20: You've successfully recovered from your last relationship and are ready to love again.

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