Purposeful Power Player

Friday, October 01, 2004

Debating in the Bush * Politics

OMG - George W. Bush sounded like a fool. I just don't understand how people could actually think that he was able to get his point across. He was more confusing...and then that whole MIXED MESSAGES statement. What a tongue twister!

I am still trying to grasp the link between Iraq being a threat to the United States of America and this "WAR ON TERROR." Saddam wasn't even thinking about attacking the United States. I think Saddam was more interested in pilfering money from the "OIL FOR FOOD" racket than wanting to attack the United States.

Yet, I think Bush and his cronies strike more terror into the hearts and minds of Americans when they keep trying to push WAR down our throats. I always look at the Washington Post's website about the fallen soldiers. And it's so moving that these young men and women will never have the benefit of growing old and enjoying EVERYTHING life has to offer. They are now forever cemented as those unknown, yet risked their lives (because they had NO CHOICE) to defend the United States against an enemy of ...... we don't even know. Not saying that all human life isn't precious...but how about this...train all those felons...those who REALLY like to kill and send them to the war on terror because right now....because I as a taxpayer am paying for their well being. Now that would be a hell of a sentence! CONVICT #378193773 YOU ARE SENTENCED TO GO FIGHT THE WAR IN IRAQ FOR 5 CONSECUTIVE LIFE SENTENCES. NO CHANCE OR OPPORTUNITY FOR PAROLE. "I AM ZETAZEN AND I APPROVE THIS MESSAGE!"

Truly, the terror is keeping Americans living in fear. That around every corner could be a terror attack.

That is no way to live.