Purposeful Power Player

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Good Morning...

It was a tough morning.......

  1. It was cold outside and I was sleeping so good!!!!
  2. My daughter did not fix all of her lunch nor did she eat breakfast.
  3. These actions caused me to be late to work because I had to refix her lunch AND stop pass McDonalds when were like 2 minutes from her school!
  4. The subway was PACKED! I hate that shit...because I don't get a good seat!
  5. Then while on the subway I peeped this ad about voting...the ad had these young white boys...like they were back in the 50's and they were putting there votes into the ballot box....then someone must have taken a label and stuck it up there but wrote: "WHITE MALES AREN'T THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO VOTE!" but then someone else wrote under it..."IT SHOULD BE!" WTF?!
  6. People on the subway are rude...the pushing and the shoving....
  7. Powerball is at $177 million.

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