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Saturday, November 06, 2004

The Bush Mandate Lie: Here are the Facts!

Date: Sat Nov 6, 2004 7:22 am
Subject: The Bush Mandate Lie: Here are the Facts

Bush claims he has a mandate because he got more votes than any President in history. What he doesn't point out is that our population has increased. For example, Reagan got 31% of the US voting age population which was 174,466,000 in 1984. Bush got only 27% of the current US voting age population which is now 217,800,000.

In 1998, President Reagan was reelected with 54,455,075 votes or 58.8% (426 electoral votes). While Bush was reelected with 59,459,765 votes or only 51% (282 electoral votes).

While Bush likes to point out that his deficits are not the highest in history as a percentage of GNP, he doesn't point out that he got much less votes than Reagan adjusting for the increase of the voting age population. This is just another example of his dishonesty and deception.

Are we going to continue to let this man lie to the American people over the next 4 years and get away with it?


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