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Saturday, January 01, 2005

My New Year's Eve...

A long time ago, I was emotionally burned on NYE...so I settled myself to feel like I shouldn't step out on NYE....only because plans ALWAYS seemed to fall through for me....so why plan...and the one thing I KNEW I could count on was DICK CLARK.... So in essence....he has been my NYE date for a many NYE.... LOL

However, during the month of December I have been taking the time to REFLECT....very deeply about my life and the things I want to change within it.

Well this NYE....I went to my mother's church. It was pretty nice. Years ago I use to go to church, but I found it to be VERY boring. Well, of course not all churches are the same, but I had just about mentally dumped them all into the same catagory any way......

But this church service was different.....

We wrote down characteristics or traits we'd like to leave in 2004 and then wrote down some things we'd like to see manifest in 2005 as a letter to God........

The characteristics were then burned in a ceremony called the "Burning Bowl"....help one to release those things they wish not to carry to the new year.

The things we wrote to God were then placed in an envelope, sealed...and will be mailed back to each person in July. That should be interesting because I wrote down about 20 things. lol :-) And at this point in time...I can only remember like three. OOPS.... LOL

I took my daughters. They were quite receptive to the ceremony and were on their best behavior.

So yeah, this year I missed Dick Clark....my NYE tradition. I did something different and I liked it.

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