Purposeful Power Player

Monday, May 30, 2005

Waking up with YOU on my MIND....is insane....

I mean it's really nice to love someone....it's really nice that I care, but I'm finding it totally insane for me to be waking up this time of morning, with thoughts of this person on my mind.

I mean he probably isn't even up...and I seriously doubt when he gets up...he'll have me on his mind....like I do him.

Why do women do this?

That's one of things I don't like....being emotionally tied to another person that isn't blood related to me. Some will say..."oh it's love," but to me....it's CRAZY.

Why can't I just be in love and give all my love and not feel insane because I'm thinking about him?

I don't want my mind to be attached to another person.....I just want to love freely and not feel so mentally attached......this shit is wack.


  1. It is irritating, lol, but it is also the thing you miss the most once you sustain a relationship with someone for a long period of time. I love to think back on those days...