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Friday, September 15, 2006

It's Friday right????

Well why in God's name am I working today like it's a Tuesday!?! LOL It's been so busy around here. I was only gonna pop in the office to pick up my Metrochecks and this turned into a hours of me sitting at my desk. I was supposed be gone like 3 hours ago! LOL

It's cool. I didnt' have anything to do anyway. On Monday I have an afternoon massage scheduled. I need to relax and do something for me. I also have a facial scheduled for the first part of October. I can't wait for that. I love facials. It's a deep pore one too! Awww man...ain't no telling what's in my pores that needs to come out! EWWWWWWWWW LOL....that's from the make up, the environment and whatever else.

I don't bowl tonight, but I bowl tomorrow night. I missed last Saturday night bowling over some bull crap. Never again will I do that. I wonder how (C) is gonna carry it next Friday night...now that I've called it quits on our dating. I'm just gonna be plain ole Zeta! He really shouldn't have gotten as involved with me as he did.

I'm hungry. Tomorrow I have a hair appointment. I made Curry Chicken last night...it was so good....Oh that's right I gotta pay for my kids field trips.....gotta go to the ATM....

My work is never done...how my mind keeps it all together is beyond me!

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