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Saturday, January 31, 2009


January 31, 2009.

My ass still has not moved yet. But I've grocery shopped....yeah...online of course. Peapod by Giant. That's how the laziness has gotten to me today. I mean really on a Saturday afternoon, who really feels like walking up and down all those aisles putting food in a cart and draaaaaaaaagggging it home to be put a way. Just doesn't have a sexiness to it.

Well, all week I was sick. Food poisoning or stomach flu, doesn't matter which, I was feeling the fawk out of it! So today is the first day of many days I'm feeling so much better. So can you really blame me for grocery shopping online?

I need to get my ass up and take a shower...maybe if I made my bed. Perhaps that would help.


Still need to make a decision on my FSA.....

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