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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Hey Bloggers of the world....

Do you ever go back and edit your posts a lot? I find myself doing that often.....instead of starting a new post....I just edit my current post.....

More of that "normal" stuff I suppose....

*yes it's 3:11am and I'm still freakin up*

EDIT// - Um....why does Blogspot keep making my blog and other blogs on the space keep coming up with an error, as if the blogs aren't there? *sighs*

And by the way...I think my oldest sleepwalks.....she sleeps soooo deeply that she'll get up and talk to me about stuff in her dreams like it really happened.....and I'll send her back to bed....and I'll ask her about it in the morning....and she won't even remember......*wow*

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  1. I've occasionally added an update to an entry; I've also deleted entries for various reasons. But, I've rarely edited a post (except for correcting grammar or spelling). I usually have so much to say that I have posts waiting in the wings (i.e. drafts) for days I don't have time to write. And, you will notice if you click on my name, I have 5 blogs!