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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

June 1 - Already...


I'VE BEEN BLOGGING FOR A YEAR..... JUNE 2004 - JUNE 2005!!!!!!!

But for some reason, since I could remember....the first half of the year always went by so fast. And then then remainder of the year seemed to drag like a snail. But the older I get I noticed that it didn't matter anymore....the years just seemed to roll over me like a bulldozer.

2005 use to be baby new year. Now it's in its mid 50's and it's having a mid life crisis....(the weather proves it).

When I went to church on New Years's Eve, we had to write some things (goals) down on an index card that would like to accomplish for the year. Do I remember the goals? NO....have I accomplished any of them. I don't know since I don't remember what I wrote....how ironic. Those will be mailed back to us on July 1.

Memorial Day was the "official" start of the summer time season...and before you know it....Labor Day will be here....kids going back to school......holidays every month....indian summer...ole man winter....yada yada yada....the whole nine....

So today, I am going to enjoy June 1 for all that it's worth.....

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