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Saturday, January 31, 2009


Wanna pick up the phone and call but can't. The phone wouldn't even ring, it would go straight to your voice mail....and what's the point of getting my face twisted because I already know your phone is off. You decided that's where you wanted to be, but you still want to kick it over here. Why? You never talk and open up your mouth to tell me anything. After all these years, you're still an enigma and after all we've been through damn fool don't you think it's about time you say something real.

For once man up and give me some REAL TALK. My confidence in you is nil.


Did make another phone call to another number earlier and got the voice mail after several rings. I know you're at work. I don't even like calling you anymore. You don't even have anything worthwhile to talk about except for how much you're working to pay your bills. So what...you and how many other people? I hate Saturday nights alone. Just when I got use to you coming over to keep me company; now you work all the time. If I have to hear about you paying the damn bills one more time, I'm going to choke the shit out of you. Fool, let me show you a lake I want you to jump in.......

Out bowled everyone on my team tonight. Haven't done that in a while. We lost all our games. We sucked.

My jeans are so heavily dyed blue that when I put my fingers in pockets my nails turn blue and it makes my fingernails look dirty.

I'm still very happy about eating that Roy Rogers. I didn't eat anything else today. I'm not hungry...that food was probably worth all the 1700 calories I'm allowed to eat in a day.

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